CWC Partners with Pitchengine for Entrepreneur Program

Expanding entrepreneurial skills and opportunities within Fremont County, Central Wyoming College staff teamed up with Pitchengine to start a new program.

News 13’s Raven Ford went out to the college to learn more about the new program in mind.

“Bootstrap,” the term used to define start up business owners using their own resources to get business off the ground, it’s what Pitch Engine members and CWC staff are calling their new entrepreneur program.

Lynne Mcauliffe at Central Wyoming College shared, “The idea is to bring together public and private skill sets.”

“It’s not just about programs of the past with a focus on writing a business plan that someone’s going to take to the bank this is really about hands only will need to know and how well do you know what you want to do and how would you know if the market place really needs.”

“A little bit like traditional classes in class work mentoring/consulting where you get really good advice from people who know how to make things work.”

One of those people include Pitchengine founder Jason Kintzler.

Kintzler told News 13, “As an employer in text based specifically in a real rural location there’s challenges right trying to find the right skill sets and you know many of the traditional sort of educational channels aren’t putting out those students so we wanted to reach out into the community and you know Central Wyoming College will position to do that they already helped existing business owners and existing workforce students as well as up-and-coming students and people that want to pursue their career.”

The program is to offer different course programs up to 15 weeks for entrepreneurs and students, along with resources for local business owners.

“Colleges, universities are really good at the curriculum the business curriculum the fundamentals but we felt like from the private sector really needed these kinds of business ready career ready people and people think of community colleges as the place to do that.”

The CWC program is to allow students to step outside the classroom and into the presence of local successful business owners and entrepreneurs.

Brad Tyndall at CWC said, “It’s one thing to train people and give them skills in marketing it’s another thing for them to see the whole picture and have them figure out with mentors advising counseling content practical internships in apprenticeships so they really got it.”

“Not just here locally, but I think nationally the student is changing you know what a high school graduate is looking for is much different than it was in my generation and generations before me they’re not necessarily looking to go to a university or go work for a large corporation most of the businesses in this country over 70% sole proprietorship.”

“I think that what we’re going to see is because of this initiative and they clarity it that it has brought for us is to really a up game in terms of entrepreneurship skills for all of our students.”

Bootstrap will be similar to CWC’s start up program in Grand Teton that helps entrepreneurs launch and expand products; the only difference is students will be involved.

Curriculum and scheduling will still need to be decided for the upcoming entrepreneur courses.

ref: http://www.kcwy13.com/content/news/pe-468831153.html


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