Young Entrepreneur: 12-Year-Old Artist In The Making As Determination Sees Results

MOST 10-year-old girls are asking their parents for scooters or dolls, but not Chloe Dank.

MOST 10-year-old girls are asking their parents for scooters or dolls, but not Chloe Dank.

The Year 8 St Margaret Mary’s student was just 10 when she asked her mother to order her business cards.

“She stopped playing with toys when she was 8 or 9,” mum Stephanie Dank says.

Chloe has established her own business as a make-up artist, make up by Chloe Dank, with increasing popularity as social media and word of mouth has seen word spread of the youngster’s talent.

She was just nine when she started posting fantasy and Halloween make-up on her mother’s Facebook account.

Things progressed quickly when Chloe landed a role doing make-up for the Townsville Fashion Festival in 2016.

For 2017’s Groovin The Moo, Chloe was fully booked and this year’s event sees the same result as she takes on more business, driven to do what she loves.

Chloe says she just wants to be a make-up artist.

“I love the creativity behind it,” she says.

“I can just express myself with it.”

Makeup by Chloe Dank

Chloe always tries to add something new to a look, with her own touch of creativity.

“I know what works for me,” she says.

While most kids come home and play sport or Xbox, Stephanie says Chloe goes straight to her room, before reappearing with a new look.

“She now watches me do all my make-up and tells me what I’m doing wrong.”

Chloe has not only established her only business, but taught herself everything she knows with the help of the World Wide Web.

“She is constantly on her phone watching YouTube videos, Instagram interviews and that’s how she’s learnt all these techniques,” Stephanie says.

“She’s spent hours studying particular make-up artists and follows so many of them on Instagram.

“She will rewind and start again, rewind and start again and she’ll come out with the look and if she’s not happy with it, she’ll start again.”

Stephanie says her daughter is very determined.

“She’s always known what she’s wanted and she’s very different to our other children and quite focused.”

Chloe has a brother, 16-year-old Cooper and sister, 18-year-old Baylee who is a beautician.

“Baylee recommends her sister up for make-up with clients, while she handles the other requests,” Stephanie says

Age is not an issue for the young entrepreneur who gives her clients a shock when she appears to do a job.

“Chloe rocks up with her make-up bag and no one is expecting a 12-year-old,” Stephanie says.

“But then they see her work and are very grateful when she’s finished.”

All the money Chloe makes is put back into her business as she continues to expand with more products.

“Her birthday list is all screen shots of make-up and all she ever wants to buy are these items,” Stephanie says.

Makeup artist Chloe Dank

Father Dean Dank says he used to always joke that Chloe was 10 going on 20.

“She just seems so grown up for a 12-year-old,” he says.

“Even when she was a toddler you could have a full-on conversation with her.”

Dean says Chloe and Baylee are hoping to open their own business together in the future.

“Chloe wants to be the boss,” he says.

Both parents have supported their daughter’s ambitions with a mutual agreement to remain safe through the online attention.

Dean says they were worried about social media and any bullying that could come from it.

“Kids get jealous, other girls want to do it and there’s so much surrounding the issue now,” he says.

Stephanie says the social media side concerned her a little as Chloe has almost 400 Instagram followers.

“Her make-up page is public, because that’s how they get noticed,” she says.

“I’m lucky with Chloe she brings me every message she receives and she doesn’t just try to handle it herself.”

Chloe has now begun a YouTube channel, as she quickly turns the tables from learning to teaching, inspiring others as she says other girls should “just go for it.”

“I realise it’s a bit crazy for me to do it because I’m pretty young,” she says.

“I want to be known for having started so young.

“I want people to know I’m a hard worker and I’m not just doing it to get noticed.

“Some people think I’m like that, but it’s because I love it.”



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