Uber Making It Easier For Students To Move Around in Ghana

It’s no longer news that the average University student has become more tech savvy, and connected with the rest of the world. Fondly called Generation Z; these digital natives are the ones who tweet, snap and Uber away – they have essentially made technology a way of life. With the world literally in the palm of their hands, because of connected Smartphones, brands have also had to get smarter in order to engage with this demographic.

In terms of urban mobility and getting around from point A to B, students studying in Accra and Kumasi have the convenience of using Uber to move in and around their campuses seamlessly. Whether these students are traveling to Ashesi University or Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology, whether they are taking a quick trip to the mall in Osu, or having a fun night out together, Uber is definitely the best option.

Here are some other reasons why university students in Ghana are saying yes to Uber: Who needs a car, when you can just Uber ?

Most students don’t have the luxury of owning a vehicle and have to rely on public transportation which is not always available 24/7. With services like Uber, riders are slowly realising that the need to own a vehicle has decreased. Students can sometimes have incredibly busy lifestyles, and they need a transport system that suits their lifestyle.

Arrive in style, and on time! Most universities have strict attendance policies and students are required to attend all lectures on time. Mistakes happen and students might oversleep and miss the early campus shuttle. With faster pick up times and shorter estimated times of arrivals, students can make use of Uber to be able to make it on time to classes; no more jostling at the bus stops or waiting in line for public transport. How cool is that?

Upfront fees
When it comes to affordability, Uber definitely ticks the right boxes. Students can always know how much it will cost them to get to a certain destination as Uber has upfront fee feature allowing them to plan ahead and know how much they need to have.

Uber referral codes
Students can invite their friends to join the app using their unique code which they received when signing up. When new riders use their code they will receive money off their next ride.

Traveling to parties, concerts and big games

Whether students want to watch the Black Stars playing at the Accra sports stadium or watch a live performance featuring Shatta Wale or Mr. Eazi, taking an Uber is a convenient option. There is nothing worse when students are dressed and ready for a concert but now they have to find parking and fight the never ending traffic. Making use of Uber will help with congestion leading to big events which is usually a big issue during peak concert times. At these events, students also tend to overindulge and need a safe reliable transport option to ensure safety for everyone on the roads.

Visiting family and friends

Uber has made it easier for parents to help students move around easier. Uber has created family profiles, where the whole family can use one Uber account controlled by mom or dad. Uber has advance tech features that allows riders to share their trip with their loved ones at all times which gives parents the reassures that their children are safe even when out of site.

Whether students use Uber to get around for leisure or to make it on time for their important exams, Uber is definitely a convenient method of moving around cities.

Source: Business Ghana


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