Gist: Top 5 most expensive schools in Kenya – Africa

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5. Peponi school

Probably you may have heard about this school located along Thika road after allegations that it belongs to Kenyatta family. Peponi offers three terms a year with an international curriculum. To apply for a chance at the school you will pay an application fee of Sh 5,000 and registration of Sh 10,000 on joining the school.Day pupils pay Sh792,000 per term with full borders coughing out Sh 843,000.00 per term. The school has both Kenyan and international students.

4. Brook house

Brookhouse is an international school located in Langata, about 10Km from Nairobi CBD. Its teachings follow British curriculum and it offers Early Years, preparatory and secondary schooling. It also has both day and boarding students. For Day students, the tuition fees ranges from Sh 175,00 for early years to Sh Sh 465, 000 for higher grade learning ( secondary ). The day schoolers pay tuition fee between Sh 675,000 per term to about Sh Sh 765,000.Plus other charges like caution money, motivation fee among others, the school fees sums up to Ksh 860,000 per term!

3. St Andrews Turi

The schools once became famous after its high-end meals menu leaked online. The school is located between Kericho and Nakuru in Turi. The school has both preparatory and Secondary education which are run on the British based curriculum. It’s tuition fees ranges from Sh 304,000 per term to about Sh 730,000 at higher levels. For day schoolers, you will need to pay from between Sh 447,000 per term to Sh 475,000 at higher levels. On average you will be required to pay Ksh 994,500 per term.

2. Greensted international school.

The school is located 17 kilometers from Nakuru along Nakuru-Naivasha highway. It offers English curriculum at both International General Certificate of Secondary Education and A-levels .The school cannot miss in our list as its fees for borders ranges from between Sh 114,500 to Sh 734,000 per term. Day schooling will cost you between Sh 349,000 to Sh 374,000 as you go higher. Plus other fees such as registration, playground and reception, in total you will blow a whooping Ksh1,010,000 per term.

1. International School of Kenya

And finally, International schools of Kenya ( ISK) tops our list as the most expensive schools in Kenya 2018. The school is located at outskirts of Nairobi and it offers intentional curriculum based on North America teachings. It is also the largest and best international schools in Kenya. With a bus fee of Sh 190,000 per term, you will be required to blow a whole KSH 2,070,204 ($22,700) tuition fee per term.


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