Student entrepreneur buys his grade school a bench

There’s a new bench at the St. Bernadette Catholic Elementary School playground thanks to one student’s donation from his trail mix business.

“You know how I sold it for $1? It was so some people that didn’t have food and they only had a little bit of money could buy some food,” Lyons said.

Lyons, the son of Sarah Lyons and Dr. Neil Lyons of Houma, originally wanted to save money to buy the LEGO Star Wars Krennic’s Imperial Shuttle, he said. After he bought the LEGO set, he still had so much money left over, he decided to donate the rest to the Houma school.

The St. Bernadette Principal Lydia Landry said because it was a child who made the donation, she wanted to make sure the school did something with it that the child could see instead of lumping into the school’s bank account.

With his $204 donation, the school purchased a new bench for the playground. The old benches were old and rusty, Lyons said.

“He’s got this little amazing heart,” Landry said. “He’s just an amazing young man.”


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