Oregon students build an escape hatch for safety

Clear Creek students' escape hatch is Samsung finalist

A group of students at Clear Creek Middle School have earned national recognition for their work on a science and engineering project.

Their invention– called “The Hatch” — is an escape lid built into the roof of homes in flood-prone areas with an integrated SOS alert that allows residents to safely escape through an attic to higher ground.

Student Sara Rash, an 8th grader who helped create the invention, said The Hatch could also be used for other situations — not just floods.

“Or if you weren’t in that much danger, but you need to be rescued, you could just use it as a beacon,” Sara said.

The escape hatch is one of 10 national finalists in the Samsung Solve for Tomorrow Contest. It’s a $2 million competition encouraging students to use science, technology and engineering skills to solve problems.

In the process of making this escape hatch, Sara and her team of 13 middle school students have learned and designed metal fabrication, computer coding, batteries and solar panels.

The competition engages kids and helps fuel their interest in engineering and technology.

Samsung will choose the winner later this year?


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