Teen named Entrepreneur of Year

Annsley Logsdon, a junior at McLean County High School, puts the finishing touches on an espresso drink May 8 at Moon River Coffee Bar in Livermore. Logsdon plans to obtain a degree in business after finishing high school.

Young entrepreneur Annsley Logsdon, a junior at McLean County High School, thought that Livermore was missing something, and she had the perfect idea to perk up the town. Since September of last year, she’s been operating Moon River Coffee Bar at 700 Morton Avenue in Livermore.

Logsdon said that the idea for the name of the business came from a song titled “Moon River.” While she considered several other names, she said she couldn’t settle for a name she didn’t love. Logsdon said that members of her family help her significantly, but she does a lot of the work at the coffee bar herself. When the business opened, she was flooded with customers.

“The first few weeks were crazy,” Logsdon said. “It was so busy.”

Still a student, Logsdon has to find time to balance work and school.

“Usually, I do my schoolwork in the mornings or after work,” Logsdon said. “If I’m not very busy, I’ll do it here.”

The McLean County Chamber of Commerce named Logsdon Entrepreneur of the Year at their annual awards banquet in April. The Chamber wished Logsdon luck and said she has the drive to accomplish many things. Logsdon proudly displays the award on the wall in the coffee bar.

While stressful, Logsdon says she knows she has the full support of her educators and fellow classmates.

“I have teachers that come and get coffee a lot,” said Logsdon. “Everyone is really supportive.”

Logsdon plans to obtain a degree in business after finishing high school, and says that the coffee bar has allowed her people skills to grow.

“I used to not really like to talk to people, but [the coffee bar] has really made me come out of my shell.” said Logsdon.

Logsdon’s coffee bar specializes in espresso drinks. Espresso is coffee that is brewed using hot water at a high pressure, which concentrates the flavors. Typically, espresso is mixed with milk and other flavors to create a creamy, foamy coffee beverage.

For more information on Moon River Coffee Bar, follow them on Instagram @moonrvrcoffee, find them on Facebook or call 270-993-7561.

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