Student business accelerator program expands to more New Mexico institutions

A successful student resource center designed to help students launch their own business

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  • A successful student resource center designed to help students launch their own business

Las Cruces, N.M. (KRQE) – A successful student resource center designed to help students launch their own business at one New Mexico college is now expanding to more institutions throughout the state.

Directors say the collaboration is designed to encourage entrepreneur success, which they say is already having a big economic impact on the state.

The future is looking bright for young entrepreneurs throughout the state.

Just last year, Studio G, a student business accelerator program at New Mexico State University, helped students hire more than 180 people.

“That’s been growing pretty rapidly. The year before that it was 90. The year before that it was 45. So the number of jobs that have been created have been doubling,” said Dr. Kramer Winingham, Program Director.

It’s a free program for current students or students who graduated within the last five years.

Once students get in the program, directors hear about their business and their goals to figure out the best way to help.

Students meet with advisors like accountants, lawyers, product designers, and marketers to help them get over any kind of road blocks they may encounter.

Just this semester, Studio G expanded to 12 institutions including UNM, New Mexico Tech, Western New Mexico, Eastern New Mexico, Santa Fe Community College, and San Juan College.

Directors say this expansion is not only creating jobs, it’s keeping the jobs here in New Mexico.

“It’s helping people create their own opportunity in New Mexico. We all know that people graduate from schools in New Mexico and then leave to other cities for better opportunities or more stable job. But a lot of people want to stay in New Mexico. They have family here. They have roots here. They would be here if they had the opportunity. Through entrepreneurship, they can stay where they want to live, stay in New Mexico, hire people. I think long term impact of that is pretty signicifant,” Dr. Winingham.

One example of a Studio G success story includes the “Hatch Chile Store,” an online store that allows people to buy New Mexico chile from all over the world. Studio G helped them secure USDA grants.

Since 2013, Studio G has helped more than 700 students. Out of those, one in four have brought a product or service to the market.

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