Kenyan students enroll in Africa’s first ever Agribusiness Program

AGCO Corp.

AGCO Corp. an NYSE-listed company has partnered with Strathmore Business School in Kenya to offer studies in Junior Management Agribusiness Training Program under the Agribusiness Qualification (AAQ).This is a first for Africa and that makes it unique and very marketable.

According to AGCO Corp. that twenty students have already been enrolled in this new program which aims to develop skills, leadership, and expertise to enhance Africa’s agricultural growth. Kenya is still largely dependent on agriculture and this will mean a boost for that sector considering the youth are also being encouraged to be entrepreneurial. Agribusiness studies, therefore, prove vital. “The AGCO Agribusiness Qualification (AAQ) is focused on developing the skills, leadership and strategic expertise to drive African agricultural prosperity.”

On completion of the 2-year course which is accredited to students who already hold a degree, successful candidates may join AGCO. The company is a global manufacturer and distributor of agricultural equipment and supports farming through various services.

Sharon, who was one of the students present at the launch event of the program this March said, “Agricultural mechanization is the missing link between small-scale agriculture and commercial agriculture. By taking part in the AAQ, I hope to be able to help to bridge that gap. The only way that Africa can be transformed is through agricultural sector and this is where the opportunities are.” This is a positive step towards development specifically in Kenya which has resources enough to become Africa’s agricultural powerhouse.


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