DU initiative for prospective women entrepreneurs

SNS New Delhi                                                                  12 October, 2016.

Delhi University’s Skill Enhancement Programme for Prospective Women Entrepreneurs is an initiative of DU’s Centre For Science Education and Communication which is a part of the Cluster Innovation Centre (CIC) considered a ‘hub’ of innovative and unique ideas.

Women from all walks of life including students, working women and entrepreneurs participated in the inaugural session of the programme and had the opportunity to interact with experts, share their experience and widen their knowledge base.These women came up with several ideas that could be transformed into successful business ideas. Most of these entrepreneurship ideas or plans require the participation of women and will make women self-reliable and independent. “Such types of initiatives and programmes will help budding women entrepreneurs in generating employment for other women and make them self-reliant.It’s not about seeking employment but it’s about generating employment,”said Shikha,an ex-student of DU.

Entrepreneurship ideas like “Jobs for NE people and providing career counseling to students from NE community”, help services to foreign tourists, reviving dying indigenous art forms,away from home-safety tools for children, skill development of tribal women through information technology,e-commerce of local products,time saver techniques are a few of the ideas put forth by these women. “The entrepreneurship is taught in a real life scenario. The women are born entrepreneurs as they have the ability to manage and do things in an organised manner. The emphasis is on nurturing their skills and provide them conducive environment and adequate platform to excel in entrepreneurship,” said Prof M M Chaturvedi , director of CIC.

“This is the first initiative DU has taken, such programmes are missing in course curriculum.There is a need to include such programmes,”he said. Deepika Bhaskar, coordinator, CIC-CSES, said women from various academic backgrounds and all walks of life are showing interest in participating in the week long programme. “The need is to educate people about skill development and entrepreneurship.The scope is very wide and we have the capacity to transform the lives of women.This is a platform for exchange of ideas, thoughts and sharing experiences,” she said.



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