Liberian Entrepreneur Proposes Tech To Solve ‘Messy’ Education

Monrovia - A young Liberian entrepreneur, Mohamed Pussah, is developing software to improve learning outcomes in schools across the country.

Pussah says, when completed, the software will track students and teachers’ performance and enhance integrity and accountability in public schools.

“Liberia system isn’t as bad as we think it is; what is lacking is integrity and accountability,” Pussah said.

He said the software system he’s developing would help track students and teachers in class.

“This software will profile teachers and generate feedback from students on teacher’s performance,” Pussah said.

The Liberian entrepreneur said the system would develop an identification number for students and allow each student’s information to be accessible via an Identification number.

“It will keep track of student’s high grades, failing marks and achievements,” he said.

“It will prevent students from dotting their report card and moving from one school to another and promoting themselves.”

Pussah sees his innovation as a way of giving back to Liberia after years of studying and working in the United States.

As a child, Pussah says he was confronted with similar challenges students today are facing and adds that envision transforming the education system.

He is planning to pilot the project at a school in Monrovia.

“It is expected to be used in all public schools, if private schools see that it’s of value they can buy in to it.”

“This system will help Liberia significantly; you do not need a high-speed Internet. I don’t see constraints we can’t get a way around it,” Pussah said.

With the presence of smart phones and electricity available though not across the country, he’s confident that the time is right to introduce the system.

“We have good numbers of our students using smart phones, it is time now we turn smart phones from social media use to educational material,” he added.

The young entrepreneur said the system would also allow students to report abuses on campus.

“We got to create an environment where the only thing that happens is education; teachers should not sexually abuse students or sell grades.”

“Students feedback and reporting abuses will be anonymous,” Pussah said.

Pussah is the founder of the Malie Technology, Inc, which will develop and host data generated from the system.

The Liberian education system is emerging from a prolonged and brutally destructive period since the end of the civil unrest.

Long standing impacts from the war compounded by the 2015 school closure due to the Ebola Viral Disease (EVD) outbreak, continue to take a toll on the fragile education system.

The country’s education system is significantly behind most African countries in nearly all education statistics.

For example, the Primary School Net Enrollment Rate, the percentage of primary age students attending primary grades, is only 44 percent.

At the University of Liberia, students have frequently demanded a digital registration system, which they claim, will help fast track the process and reduce tension for both students and the administration.


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