Knutsford Academy students support land speed challenge project

STUDENTS at Knutsford Academy are on the scent of a record-breaking challenge.

The Year 9 team took part in a workshop with The Bloodhound Project, a unique, high technology project to design and build a car which will break the 1,000mph barrier and set a new world land speed record.

The project’s mission is to share their 1,000mph Engineering Adventure and inspire young people by bringing science, technology, engineering and maths to life in the most exciting way possible.

Students were also joined by consultants from Oracle who have helped to design the car.

Teacher Ryan Walker, who organised the event said: “This was a great chance for our students to have hands-on engineering experience with challenging elements of mathematics and science applied to the day’s activities.

“To be given the opportunity to work with both Oracle and The Bloodhound Project and to be part of such an amazing project is such a unique opportunity that the students will be able to take a tremendous amount from academically and personally.”


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