Kharkiv Robot Conquers Warsaw

March 3, the robot designed by a Kharkiv National Technical University student, won silverat the international robots tournament “Robomaticon” in Warsaw, Poland. Another device developed in Kharkiv entered the contest top ten.

The contest takes place in Warsaw Polytechnic University since 2010, this year it gathered about 300 participants from Ukraine, Germany, Russia and other countries. Within the tournament dozens of robots were fighting, overcoming obstacles and performing various tasks in categories MicroMouse, Sumo, Freestyle, Humanoid Sprint, Line Follower, Death Race.

The prize winning Sumo robot called TrisM was assembled by a 6 year student of Computer and Information Technologies Departement of NTU “KhPI” Denis Voloshyn. The student states that he has been fond of robotics since his young age and always wanted to work in the area. He assembled his device for about a month specially for the international Polish contest.

The inventor bought some details from China via the Internet and also in Kharkiv, and printed the case on a 3D printer. The main task of the robot was to push its opponent out of the ring. “The competition was tough and honest”, says Voloshyn. “And my device was second giving the way only to a Polish invention, which was fair.”

Another Kharkivite from NTU “KhPI” Pavlo Belousov, who got into  top 10 with his device called Opossum says that he spent about $50 for the details. The robot was both factory-made and assembled by hand.

According to the head of the department and the inventors’ tutor Serhiy Semenov, who accompanied his students in Poland, although Polish and German teams had substantial funding and technical support, Kharkivites were able to pass over other participants due to their knowledge and gift for modeling.

The young inventors are currently planning to improve their robots and to continue their career.

Text: Olena Sokolynska

Photo: Robomaticon, NTU “KhPI”

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