Humble business ideas get big boost at entrepreneurship expo

Event draws participants from 32 institutions

Event draws participants from 32 institutions

Unique ideas and innovations took centre stage at the day-long entrepreneurship expo organised by the Centre for Entrepreneurship at SR Engineering College on the campus. Around 270 teams from 32 institutions across south India took part in the event.

“Nation has set a ‘Make in India’ agenda to inspire manufacturers to come up with best quality products and be self-sustainable. To inculcate the spirit of manufacturing and entrepreneurship skills, we initiated Make N Market, a maker’s movement at the student level,” said college principal V. Mahesh.

In a span of six weeks, the teams were asked to come up with models and prototypes of their ideas and given a capital of Rs. 500 to help them meet the development expenses.

Phani Pattamatta, founder of IPhi Group, Hyderabad stressed that parents and teachers should not say no to the curiosity of children and instead, encourage them to fail and learn. “This generation is tech-savvy, but not more curious than the previous generations which repaired their own bicycle and watches,” he said.

Salma Moosa, founder of Startup Clubs, evinced interest in three models at the expo — an electronic shock detection suit, recycling of cigarette buds into foam, and smart bottle. Prototypes designers were excited to sell them with 15 products, including a multi-purpose table and cell phone holder, being sold like hot cakes.


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