Fears That Hinder Business Startups

5 Fears That You Have To Overcome To Start Your Own Business

Today, every other person wants to start his own business, his own dream project.

Many of them even start their businesses but more than half of them shut their gates in the first year itself.

What is the difference between these people and the people who are earning profits even after years of starting their businesses? Fear.

There are fears in the mind of people; fears they have to overcome to start their business.

The basic necessity for launching your own startup is that you must be mentally ready for it. There are ups and downs through the whole journey, especially in the first few years. The fear of this uncertainty and many other fears hold you from becoming the successful ones. Let’s see what are some fears that you have to overcome to start your own business and how to overcome them.

Many people don’t start because they are unsure of the starting point. Perfect guidance is needed by all, but in this age, where everything is digital, why wait for the perfect guidance? Go and find the perfect one for you.

Look for people who have achieved what you want to. Read about them and follow them. If possible, try to connect with them. Everyone is happy to help if they have sufficient time to. Not knowing something can’t be a reason of not doing that thing. Just take the first step and let the path unfold as you continue to walk.

Every entrepreneur has this thought at least once: would my family and friends believe in me or would they think I am crazy?

Feeling inadequate for a particular job is what they feel. When entrepreneurs launch their business, they generally want a strong support from their close ones. The fear of not getting that support is extremely terrifying.

However, once you start you will be surprised by the number of people who will be happy to help you. They don’t only believe in you but also stand by you through your tough times. You just have to believe in yourself before making anybody else believe in you. This is one of the major fear you have to overcome to start your own business.

Not gaining Customers:
Gaining fewer customers than expected is every entrepreneur’s fear. Not only the aspiring ones but also the existing ones fear this. You start wondering if your skills and efforts will be valued by people and it is totally perfect to feel that.

You have to believe in your skills and efforts. If possible, start with an established set of audience and you will see that you flourish at a fair rate.

“How am I supposed to make money to start it?”

This question has been the biggest hurdle in almost every entrepreneur’s life. If gaining money from banks was such an easy thing, then every person would, probably, have been an entrepreneur. But since this is not so easy, you have to start your dream project.

You can start small and then keep growing. Consider bootstrapping but do not let this fear become a hurdle to your business.

“What if I fail?”

Everyone fails at some point of their business. It doesn’t matter. What matters is how you stand up again and how you give your best in your business again. Don’t let the fear of failure stop you from launching your dream project. Redefine the definition of failure for you. And make it work for you.

So, why stop? Start working towards creating that dream project of yours. Don’t let the fears stop you from doing anything.


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