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10 reasons why you should be interested in farming

Written By: Olayioye Oluwafemi Ibrahim

  • “I studied biochemistry in school and graduated with a good grade. My joblessness is not my fault, it’s because the system is bad, the government is corrupt and there is no one to help. But, it doesn’t mean you should be talking me into farming, it’s so ridiculous and archaic. I can’t take that. I’m a graduate and I’m not a failure; so they say”
  • “I am an accountant and I’m earning good, my annual income is enough to take care of me and my family, I have little time for stuffs like farming. It doesn’t even suit me and moreover it is barbaric and it’s a business for the villagers.”

Like the biochemist and the accountant, most of us do not find substantial reason to venture into farming as lucrative as it is. It just doesn’t catch our fancy and interest, for some it is too risky and drudgery, for others it’s too local and time consuming. However, the following reasons highlight why farming should interest you.

Farming can easily be your second job but the source of your major income: Agric-business is arguably one of the most profitable businesses you could venture into. It is a business that gives you the chance of reaping as much as 300% of your investment. Just learn it before you dive into it and you can as well hire professionals if you have the dough. But trust yourself, you can do it. Contact us at for free consultancy.

Farming allows you to start small and become big: Unlike many businesses, farming allows you to start with small capital and let you expand from plots to acres and from acres to hectares. You can in fact start your own farm with just N50,000 or less.

Farming Sells: Yes, food sells and it will forever sell, I have never seen a product which makes the customers beg the manufacturers for sales than agricultural production. You think this is an exaggeration? Pay a visit to the nearest poultry farm around you and see how customers jostle for the farmers’ attention at the point of sales. The scientists are yet to discover an alternative for food.

Spare yourself of joblessness: You can make yourself useful by engaging your intellect and strength in farming and you will never regret it.Farming is your job.

It makes you lay a foundation for generational success: If there is a business which can withstand and outlive generations and centuries, it is the Agric-business. If properly managed, it just keeps expanding.

You can win large expanse of land to yourself: Don’t tell anyone I told you this, an elderly man once told me “when people farm in my days, they only do to show their strength, flaunt the power of their sons and earn some living, they never knew land will later become such a valuable thing; those who farm most in those days later became the biggest landlord of this day.” You can also do your future some favour by exploring the bush to farm. There are still about 50million hectares of uncultivated arable land in Nigeria. That’s a lot to still fight for.

Economic importance: Our economy is in in dire need of self-sufficiency in the area of food production as against our present situation of food importation. Yes you’re rich and earn enough to take care of your family, but there’s no harm in helping the nation out of her present economic doom and becoming richer too on the other hand.

You can now farm with less stress: Technology is taking the stress away from almost everything if you can afford it, the situation is also the same with agriculture where you can now farm with less stress, agro-technologies like smart farming, farmbots and drones may be too expensive but you can make do with programmes like Farmcrowdy to get started and start earning as a farmer.

Enjoy the farmer’s happiness: Have you ever felt the excitement of watching a seed grow or helping a calf birth or watching a bird develop. These are natural phenomenon that brings tranquility and calmness to a farmer’s life.

Save lives: Like I  mentioned recently in my article “10 Reasons Why You should Study Agriculture”. One of the most motivating reasons to be a farmer is that you will belong to a group of nobles who are toiling hard to save humanity from extinction.



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