NUS Global Entrepreneurs’ Conference 2017

(Source:          October 29, 2016.

Global Entrepreneurs’ Conference (GEC) is a National University of Singapore (NUS) student-run conference for entrepreneurs worldwide.

Event Info

Organized by NUS Entrepreneurship Society, it aims to provide a one-stop platform that connects entrepreneurs, local start-ups, experienced start-up founders and venture capitalist. We hope that every participant at our conference will come away with valuable feedback, network and knowledge that will enable you and your entrepreneurship ideas to grow and succeed.

Event Highlights

Entrepreneurs’ World Cup | Meet the Venture Capitalist Session | Meet the Founders’ Session | Start-up Masterclasses | Venture Capitalist Panel Discussions | Founders’ Panel Discussion | Startup Walkabout | Cultural Tours

*** Ticket Discount Opportunities! ***

1) Referral Program

Eligibility: Foreign and Local Participants

Stand to earn up to 100% discount for your tickets!

We have referral programs for ticket holders and non-ticket holders. Check out our referral program here.

Feel free to email us at if you have any queries.

2) Student Entrepreneurs Program

Eligibility: Foreign and Local Participants

Calling all students! Join us and receive a student discount of $80.

3) Local Ambassador Program

Eligibility: Local Student Participants

Join us as a local ambassador and receive discounts off normal ticket prices! Click here for ticket prices. Your role includes: (1) share our event with all your friends and (2) occasionally act as facilitators during the event. Of course, you still get to enjoy the full line-up. More details will be provided later on.

Feel free to email us at if you have any queries.

* Prices include lodging as well as food. HOWEVER, flight tickets are not included in the prices stated.

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