Elementary schoolgirl student might be Malaysia’s youngest entrepreneur

A precocious tween is being hailed as perhaps Malaysia’s youngest entrepreneur after she launched her very own line of headscarves aimed at fellow elementary school girls.

Nur Iman Safiyah Mohammed Shahree, a student at Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan Subang Bestari, started her range called Baluna Bawal when she was only 11-years-old.

Nur Iman first realized an eager market in her school friends, who coveted the squishy toys that she brought to school. Soon, she was able to convince her mother and father, an accountant and bank officer, to invest into her side business.

She told New Straits Times that via her parents, she was able to buy the toys in bulk, and take her business online via a strong social media following. With the profit that she made with her toys, she pivoted into a new venture of selling shawls. With a continued rise in sales, she then released her own tudung bawal (a type of headscarf), just in time for Hari Raya, in late June last year.

In November, her latest project saw the launch of her own all-white tudung(headscarf) targeted at girls who wear it.

The first batch saw over 500 items sold, and a further 1000 were hawked the following month.

Her business has become a family affair, with her parents and siblings helping answer queries, as well as package and ship out items.

For now, she tells NST that she is happy to continue operating the business from home, and you know – like – also going to school.

“I’m still new in this field. For now, I am focusing on getting only the best quality material, ensuring that the workmanship is of good standards and according to my specifications. Inshaallah, in the near future, I would like to design a tudung labuh for religious schools as well as tudung for school which come in various colors,” said Nur Iman.

She added that her dream is to be able to buy a building one day.

Elementary schoolgirl student might be Malaysia’s youngest entrepreneur


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