Business Idea Competition in Raw Materials 2018

To enter the Competition, you submit an idea of innovation that can make an impact in the raw materials sector. If you are selected in the first evaluation stage, EIT RawMaterials will help you develop your idea and turn it into a new business. You will learn how to define a business model for your idea and produce a preliminary business plan. You will then submit a business plan to a second evaluation stage. Top five teams selected in each category will pitch their idea during the final ceremony to a jury consisting of industry partners. The winners will receive a prize and will be involved in various events organised by the EIT RawMaterials, and have an opportunity to network with the world’s largest community in the raw materials sector.

How it works

The Business Idea Competition 2018 offers cash worth of €1 000 of scholarship for attending the training boot camps followed by individual coaching to finalise the complete business plan for final competition in which the best business ideas will be awared up to €10 000 of grant  for each sector. 

    1. If you have great business idea, please apply: online form.
    2. If your application is selected, you/your team will participate in a 2-day Business Planning Bootcamp, which will provide you with a unique cross-industry environment. The primary focus is on building a quantitative business model (revenues, financial planning etc.) You will also learn about how to build a business: how to build a team, business processes, organisational design etc.

  1. After the Bootcamp, you will participate in the next phase of the competition by getting further coaching/mentoring after which you can finalise and submit your complete business plan.
  2. The best teams with the best business plan will  compete at the Joint Pitch Finals for a prize of up to €10 000each.

The participants will be shortlisted to participate to the bootcamps based on their entrepreneurial motivation and the impact of their business ideas to the sector.

For more information, please see EIT RawMaterials Business Idea Competition 2018 Terms & Conditions.


  • Deadline for submitting business ideas: 31 March 2018 at 17:00 CET
  • Selection of ideas and invitation of the bootcamps: April 2018
  • Bootcamps for the idea laureates: May to June 2018
  • Mentoring and development of selected business plans: June to September 2018
  • Deadline for submitting business plans: 15 September 2018 at 17:00 CET
  • Final Ceremony and awards: November 2018 (tbd)

Register and submit your idea here.


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