Barbara Okereke sails with oven secret

Armed with an MBA in Oil and Gas Management from the Coventry University, London, Barbara Okereke, the Creative Director and owner of Oven Secret is set to conquer the world.

At an age when many of her peers rely on their parents for upkeep, the young woman had mapped out plans on how to make her cake business the envy of many in the confectionery business.

Honing her skill with a knowledge in cake decorating from the Fair Cake Premier School in London, United Kingdom, she had her perfections with Oven Secret’s trademark of creating bespoke celebration cakes ranging from birthday cakes, wedding cakes and cup cakes that express and replicate the imaginations of her clients in form of cakes.

Presently one of the wave making cake makers in Lagos, Barbara is saddled with the challenge of spreading her cake business along major cities and commercial areas in Africa.

Source: Tribune Online


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