An entrepreneur at just 19

Dargo, 19, is a freshman at Purdue University

Despite running into a freak snowstorm the weekend of Feb. 14-15, Bailey Dargo, a 2017 North Newton graduate and current “Young Entrepreneur” was not deterred.

“I didn’t pack boots or anything but suddenly there was a blizzard,” she reflected. “Where did this come from?”

Dargo, 19, is a freshman at Purdue University, where she plans to major in general management. She is also a Young Entrepreneur, through which she is currently the only “student painter” for both Newton and Jasper Counties. Herein, she runs her own Student Painters business which operates on weekends during the spring semester, including the weekend of the sudden snowstorm Feb. 14-15, and will operate full time during the summer.

Through the program, marketers, preferably students, go door-to-door in promoting the business, and painters are available to work on barns, decks, or any kind of exterior painting. Dargo herself has been involved with distributing fliers, making cold calls and other related efforts, which she said she has enjoyed.

“It’s a bit stressful but its been worth it,” she said.

Dargo said that her employees come from a variety of majors, and that the program promotes valuable leadership skills. No experience is required, and painting is considered a neutral field, which Dargo said is the main reason why Young Entrepreneurs chose to partner with Student Painters.

“I will be looking to help the future leaders of America, starting in my hometown,” she said.

A Roselawn native, Dargo graduated third in her class at North Newton. Her parents are Christine and Charles Dargo, and in addition to her Student Painters duties and her studies, she is involved with Pet-A-Puppy, a club which meets once a month at Purdue.

“Beyond that I’m pretty set up with homework, cooking, and working out,” she said.

To learn more about Students Painters contact Dargo at 219-208-1147 or at baileydargo@gmail.com


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