Young entrepreneur Sam Weavers wins contract to supply homemade popcorn to the Regal Theatre, Kensington Park

A PRIMARY school student’s emerging business is set to explode after he won the right to provide popcorn to the Regal Theatre in Kensington Park.

Sam Weavers, 11, created his Sam’s Popcorn label early last year, mainly because he “didn’t like the taste” of other popcorn on the market and wanted to make a healthier option using the best local ingredients.

And with his budding business operating from a dedicated room out the back of the family’s Dernancourt home, Sam admits he is going to be busier than ever juggling schoolwork with a new contract at the Burnside Council-run cinema.

Young entrepreneur Sam Weavers has won a contract to supply his popcorn to the Regal Theatre, Kensington Park. Picture: AAP / Matt Loxton

“The first order was just placed with the theatre for 100 bags,” said the junior entrepreneur, who is creating Himalayan salt and caramel popcorn for the Regal.

“I’m pretty happy, it’s my first professional order. Before then I was just delivering to random places,” he said.

Sam, who spends up to 30 hours a week on his popping passion and home delivers his goods most school nights, now has an extra motivation to get his business off the ground — he is raising money for the Childhood Cancer Association.

With his grandmother Jenny currently battling the disease, Sam wanted to find a way to support those with cancer.


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