Rocky Mountain student continues to grow medical towel business

Last year, Rocky Mountain High School student Danica Burback earned $2,800 from local investors to put toward her business, Burback Medical.

She created the business in the Year Entrepreneur’s Academy in Meridian, now operating as the Idaho Entrepreneurs Academy. Inspired by her aunt, who has Parkinson’s disease, Burback designed a bath towel with straps on it. People with arthritis in their hands or limited mobility can slide their arms through the loops and use the towel to dry off, saving them from the painful or difficult task of gripping the towel. Burback hopes the towel gives people more independence and privacy.

Though local business professionals showed faith in Burback’s idea by investing $2,800, she still felt nervous to launch her own business as a freshman in high school.

“My cousin, who started his own business when he was 25, said people thought he was too young to start a business and some didn’t take him seriously,” she said. “So you can imagine I felt a little nervous to say the least.”

But the process hasn’t been as scary as she thought — well, other than taxes, Burback said.

Almost a year after its founding, Burback’s business is still going strong. The medical towel has been featured at the Meridian Youth Farmers Market and in a couple of stores, she said. From June to September this year, Burback plans to sell the towel at the newly named Meridian Main Street Market.

Burback’s patent for the towel is pending, and she’s trying to gain funds to get the full patent, she said. This year she’s also looking into ways to mass produce the towels.

“I also wanted to give you an update on my aunt Pat, who was the inspiration for my business,” Burback said in an email on March 9. “She’s been struggling against Parkinson’s Disease for almost 8 years now and there is still no cure, but she’s still going strong and trying to live life to the fullest.”

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