TrendSights Analysis: Wellbeing – Advertising and Marketing, Branding, Business, Business and Finance Industries

The TrendSights Analysis: Wellbeing Report has been published. It provides updated in 2018 year analysis of industries from Advertising and Marketing, Branding, Business, Business and Finance, Categories Markets.

Wellbeing trend comes from a growing understanding and interest in health that is informing the product choices consumers are making. Wellbeing captures an “umbrella” of needs and lifestyle choices that consumers make to address physical and emotional health.

It is essential to maintain a good quality life and this drives the demand for health-enhancing products and services, which are marketed to serve as a preventative or curative way to help consumers stay healthy. It accompanies broad attitudes to both physical and mental health, and comes out of a realization that the products one uses and consumes have a far reaching impact on us.

Trend drivers
– Consumers’ desire for wellbeing has led to food fulfilling a role medicine or dietary supplements have traditionally occupied.
– Wellbeing allows consumers to stay physically and mentally strong.
– Achieving wellbeing guarantees a good quality life.

Consumer targets
Wellbeing influences most purchasing decisions, and is most likely to hold the greatest sway among these cohorts:
– Younger consumers.
– Consumers in BRICS nations (Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa), as well as those in Latin America.
– Women.

The report “TrendSights Analysis: Wellbeing” examines what Wellbeing means as a consumer trend and why it is important, who are likely to be the target audience, how FMCG brands can best capitalize on the trend, and what will be the future outlook for the trend.

Companies mentioned in this report: Unilever, Coca Cola, Wuliangye, Hill’s, Johnson’s, Carrington Farms, Forgain Mama Shoucuo, Better Chip, Eternal, Chewies, Derbe, Suja, Zotter, Sautao, Fussy Cat, Blooming, Easy Tea Co., Organic Choice, Philip Morris.



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