Ten Reasons To Walk Away From A Job Opportunity

There are two ways to job hunt. One way is to beg and grovel for a chance. I understand why people do that. They’ve been told that there is no other way to get a job.

They don’t realize that when they twist themselves into pretzel shapes to get a job, they send out a strong signal. The signal goes out to the employer that’s thinking about hiring them, and the signal says “You can ask me to do anything — I’ll do it!”

That’s the worst way to job hunt, because the employers you really want to work for don’t respect and typically won’t hire people who beg for a job — either through their words or their actions. The best employers want to hire people who respect themselves and know what they bring.

Here are 10 good reasons to walk away from a job opportunity.

1. Walk away if they won’t tell you what the job pays, and expect you to wait for an offer before you know whether or not the salary will work for you.

2. Walk away if they don’t respect your time — if they cancel interviews at the last minute or worse, if you show up for an interview and no one is there to talk to you (and no one apologizes). Walk away if they expect you to drop everything whenever they want to talk to you.

3. Walk away if you can’t get straight answers to reasonable questions like “What are the working hours?”, “Is there overtime in this job?” and “What is the career path for this position?”

4. Walk away if no one seems to know what the job will entail or who it will report to.

5. Walk away if they demand to know your current salary or your salary history. These things are none of anybody’s business! They only ask for your current and past salaries so they can peg your salary offer to what you were earning before. That’s not fair — and it’s illegal in more and more places now.

6. Walk away if they won’t show you the working area or if they won’t let you meet your prospective coworkers.

7. Walk away if they won’t show you a copy of the employee handbook, since that is the document that will govern your employment.

8. Walk away if they leave you waiting for weeks with no communication at any point in the interview process.

9. Walk away if they expect you to jump when they say jump — especially if they want you to work for free as part of the recruiting process.

10. Finally, walk away if your spidey sense tells you to. Always listen to your trusty gut. It won’t steer you wrong!

You might have to walk away from six, eight or 10 opportunities to find one that’s right for you. That’s OK! The more doors you slam, the sooner you’ll find a great job that deserves your talents.

All the best to you


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