How To Study For Long Hours Without Getting Bored

I planned to study for four hours but ended up studying for only 30 minutes.
Okay, it isn’t really a bad feat if I perfectly understood what I covered in that study section, but a lot of successful students attribute their success to spending a lot of hours on the study table.
Do you have the same dilemma and really wish that you can study for long hours without getting bored ?
This post will show you how you can achieve that with little effort and move from a 30 minutes student to a really long hour student.
Just before we get on with this, let’s get a clear definition of what studying is.
If your dictionary has only one definition, then you should throw it straight through the window.
Don’t do that, because you’re also going to get one definition here. So you’ll have two after now.
What It Means To Study
Studying is the act of fixing your mind on a topic/material in order to get more insights on it or simply to not forget what has already been learned. So, for one thing, we know it’s a mental activity requires time and effort good for everyone.
Now, we know what studying is , let’s discuss what it does for you as a student.

How To Study For Long Hours Without Getting Bored 

1: Plan To Study

Being a mental activity, engaging in an unplanned study session is an easy way to get bored even before you flip to the next page.  Efforts made to prepare for a study is what makes it worthwhile and enjoyable.
Here are practical things you can do while planning each study session
  •  Allot time for sleep just before your study time. This way sleeping is the last thing on your mind and it’s easier to stay focused.
  • Do not schedule study for time when you’re likely to be tired and worn out.
  • Put away every possible source of distraction at least 15 mins to your study period. This includes signing out of social networks, ending chat with friends or putting off the TV.
  • Spend these 15 minutes pondering about what you wish to get from that study section. This can be done with or without a book.
  • Get everything you need to study set, so you do not have to look for any item during study.

2: Make Use Of An Outline

We recommend this as a pre-study routine.
Just before you delve into your study material, use a plain space to list out each heading and subhead that makes it up. This can further be broken down into short sentences that can be checked off as the study progresses.
Having a next line to beat and reach makes a study section less boring and more exciting.

3: Get Value Adding Aids

It’s easier to get bored when you have to spend the whole of your time going over one source material.
Get a variety of text books ready and do not hesitate to add some visual aids (images and videos to your list.
In fact, the use of visual enhances learning so if you’re currently unable to study for long hours, then it is recommended that you try learning with the aid of videos.
Free Online Video websites For students

4: Take Your Mind Off The Clock

The goal is to make study more productive and longer but always glancing at the clock is never in any way going to help your course.
Check the time your session began, then put the clock away and only go for it when you’re done with studying.

5: Make Study Exciting 

A lot of students believe that the reason why studying tends to get boring is trying to stick to a routine across different study topics.
Hence to make study sessions exciting you really need to play around different study patterns for different topics and find out which works best.
Using a study routine for maths topic on writing courses will only get you worked up and bored at the end of the day.

6: Swiftly Adapt To Changes

Studying is an activity that should never be put away even when you’re done with school.
At some point you need to tweak your study routine to suit your current educational level or simply to meet up with lectures after a long holiday
You may also have to spend more hours on a particular topic before you can perfectly understand what it’s saying.
All these are normal and should never make you consider putting an end to study. Instead put an end to the challenge by finding a new pattern of study that cancels it.

Rounding Up 

You can really come up with a study routine or pattern that you’ll never get bored with and then studying becomes more meaningful and less boring.
It could take some time but it a journey worth embarking on and one that can easily set you on the road to academic success.
Did you find this information helpful?
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