3DS Annual Entrepreneurial Excellence Awards

Entrepreneurs, educators, and 3 Day Startup alumni! We are proud to announce our first ever 3DS Entrepreneurial Excellence Awards. We value the entrepreneurs and innovators making outsized change in their communities. They solve problems, inspire others, and move us towards a better future. Now we want to recognize them.

We designed these awards to celebrate and commemorate the exceptional and innovative work that entrepreneurs are doing across the globe.

Because we know that university leaders in innovation and entrepreneurship emerge from all corners of campus, we are accepting nominations for the following awards:

Top 25 Entrepreneurship Professors
Top 25 Student Entrepreneurs
3DS Alum of the Year
3DS Lead Organizer of the year
Top Campus Innovation Initiative

These awards are for that professor who inspires you and gives you the tools to make your vision a reality, the student who makes incredible strides in their own startup, the organizer who goes above and beyond to bring a 3DS program to your school, and the university initiative that opens the door for innovation and entrepreneurship for you and your peers.

We encourage students, alumni, university administrators, faculty members, and entrepreneurs to submit nominations and share the nomination form with their friends and colleagues.

How voting works:
– You can submit a nomination for each category, but only one per person-per category
– You can nominate yourself
– For Top Entrepreneurship Professors and Top Student Entrepreneurs we will accept nominations both within and outside of the 3DS network
– For 3DS Alum of the Year, 3DS Lead Organizer, and Top Campus Innovation Initiatives we will only accept nominations from within the 3DS network
– We will accept nominations from outside the U.S. for all award categories

– Winners of the Top 25 awards (professors and student entrepreneurs) will be included on our featured blog post detailing their story and accomplishments and will receive a commemorative t-shirt from 3 Day Startup that shows the world the impact of their efforts.
– Winners of the 3DS network awards (Alum of the year, Lead organizer of the year, Top Campus Innovation Initiative) will be included on our featured blog post detailing their story and accomplishments and will receive a ticket to this year’s Global Roundup Conference as well as formal recognition at the conference.


Submit Nominations Now!

Deadline for nominations: December 16, 2016



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