TED Completes Outreach Campaign to Establish Student Entrepreneurship Clubs at Schools in South India

August 8, 2016
 DHARAMSHALA: Tibetan Entrepreneurship Development (TED), an initiative of the Department of Finance, completed its first outreach campaign to establish Student Entrepreneurship Clubs at various schools in South India in the past one week. The TED student entrepreneurship program aims to educate the Tibetan Students about entrepreneurship and the importance of it to the Tibetan community. The TED Student program also focuses on nurturing and developing the Entrepreneurial Spirit of the Tibetan Students thereby creating a future pipeline of Tibetan Entrepreneurs contributing to the Socio-economic development of the community. This initiative will also encourage Self-reliance and youth leadership among the Tibetan Students.

The TED student program officer visited the Central School for Tibetans in Mundgod, the Tibetan Children’s Village School in Bylakuppe and the Dalai Lama Institute of Higher Education in Bangalore and organised information sessions in all the three Schools to discuss about entrepreneurship and its importance to the Tibetan community and specifically the impact and benefits of entrepreneurship education to our Tibetan Students and their future.

TED was able to successfully establish a Student Entrepreneurship Club in the CST, Mundgod School and aims to establish a similar club in TCV School, Bylakuppe in the next academic year. The DLIHE college has also optimistically collaborated with the TED initiative to establish the first Entrepreneurship Club in the first Tibetan College to provide a platform to the college going students to brainstorm ideas thereby nurturing potential future Tibetan business leaders.

Few activities included in the plan of action of the club for the year are; motivational talks by successful entrepreneurs, creativity and innovation games and activities, Self-awareness tests, business plan creation & presentation and many more interesting and impactful activities.

TED is a conceptualised initiative of the Department of Finance, Central Tibetan Administration (CTA) aiming to mobilize and amplify Tibetan entrepreneurial spirit by fostering, nurturing, accelerating value-add connections and celebrating entrepreneurship. TED aims to affect the profound transformation of the Tibetan community in-exile with its role as a mobilizer of the Tibetan entrepreneurial spirit to partake in global opportunities and contribute to the community’s economic well-being. In doing so, TED aims to support existing businesses’ expansion and sustainability, as well as convert high-potential youth business ideas into successful ventures.


TED student program officer having information session at SOS,Bylakuppe


During one of the activities organised as part of the first entrepreneurship club session at CST, Mundgod.

TED program officer Mr Tenzin Norsang with

TED student program officer Mr Tenzin Norsang with the first members of the  students first entrepreneurship club at CST, Mundgod




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