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A tri-university programme at the Indian School of Business (ISB) brought together students from India, Singapore, and China to discuss emerging areas in innovation and entrepreneurship in South-East Asia.

The Asia Innovation and Entrepreneurship programme (AIEIP) at the ISB was a joint initiative by ISB, Hyderabad, National University of Singapore, and Tsinghua University, Beijing. Twenty students were chosen from each university to make up the class of 60, and novel concepts such as disruptive innovation, design thinking, emergenetics, etc. were introduced to the students.

“The coming together of various cultures inspired diverse thought processes and delivered different perspectives on global entrepreneurship,” said Sanjnaa Ramanan, a student of ISB YLP 2014. She said this diversity manifested itself in a flurry of ideas and approaches to problem-solving. During the course of this three-week programme, the students were required to work together and present a business plan at the end of every week. This business plan would be refined further as the course progressed.

Field visits were organised to the most successful start-ups and incubators. Students were taken to various business incubators and accelerators such as Impact Hub in Singapore and the Zhongguancun Innoway in Beijing, an area dedicated to start-ups and innovation. In Hyderabad, the students visited T-Hub and Microsoft. At Microsoft, they were given the unique opportunity to develop a go-to market business plan for two Microsoft apps — Kaizala and Sprightly.

 This programme presented a distinctive prospect for students from different backgrounds to collaborate and work in teams to generate solutions for real-world problems. The course was structured so as to provide inspiration to aspiring entrepreneurs as well as direction to budding start-up founders in the group.

“The curriculum was comprehensive and well-tailored to provide holistic knowledge on the subjects of entrepreneurship, emerging markets, technology, and business. The students walked away with a sense of purpose and renewed determination,” said Ms. Sanjana.


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