Mission to equip students with entrepreneurial skills

Santosh Patnaik

Over 100 attend workshop organised by IIM-Bangalore incubated firm

Their mission is to help students to find their passion and provide tips on how to pursue it.

Calling it a kick-start summit, Climber, an IIM-Bangalore-incubated firm organised a day-long workshop on Saturday attracting over 100 students from various colleges in the city.

The doubts from the participants like how to float a startup and basic ingredients required to chant success mantra were clarified at the meeting.

“Encouraged by the objectives of Climber, I became a member and now I am able to associate myself as one of the organisers of this maiden event in the city,” said Sadhana, an engineering student of Andhra University told The Hindu.

Climber is a youth-driven organisation that focuses on putting students first when it comes to their education. It aims to revolutionise education in a way technology never can; with a human touch. It looks to capture curious minds and make them creatively confident and inspire them to answer their calling.

Brainstorming session

The students had an exposure to the brainstorming session mainly to know knitty-gritty of entrepreneurship. Climber is involved in promotion of education and entrepreneurship for past two years.

“We could understand that fastest way to learn what is a startup. Now we could know how to pitch an idea for a startup and usher in change,” said Ramesh, a management student.

Climber has formed a team of members and volunteers in the city to sensitise on entrepreneurship through online. Products from IIM-Bangalore Ruhan and Fathima participated in the workshop.

Guest lectures were delivered by AU Engineering College Principal P.S. Avadhani, CEO of StartAP Sidharth Marupeddi and former in-charge of Sunrise Startup Village Sidharth Ram.

Chaarshani, an AU engineering student and active member of Climbers, said they were providing a platform to identify one’s passions by mentoring and guiding them through networking.

The sessions conducted by Climber focus on interactive talks, debates, youth-parliaments, quizzes and many more activities that are aimed at inspiring students to stand up, get over their fears and make them scale up.


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