Battling depression and loss of mother & sibling, he is now known as the youngest entrepreneur of Northeast India

-Interviewed by Shweta Raj Kanwar for TNT-The Northeast Today                                  September 21,2016.

At just 19, he came to be known as one of the world’s youngest entrepreneur with the founding of  “Northeastern institute of technology” on April 1, 2013 and now at 22, he is the founder of several start ups and also the recipient of “Student entrepreneur of the year award 2016”. However, despite so many achievements up his sleeves, Hironmoy Gogoi from Assam is a commoner like anyone of us, the only difference being that he chose to look at the bright side of things and turn his failures into stepping stones for success.

Here is an exclusive interview of Hironmoy Gogoi from Assam with TNT-The Northeast Today.

TNT: Please tell us more about yourself- your education, hobbies, interests, passion and the likes.

HG: I am an undergraduate and recently enrolled into J.E (Electronics) as I’ve started my initial stage of work to make an automatic bomb detector which will save many innocent lives if my project turns out to be successful. I love working out as I always try to give myself more and more pain in the gym during my workout session and then I utilize the anger in my work life to increase the productivity hours. Public speaking, social work, management training, international telemarketing, risk management and business development. etc. Entrepreneurship is my passion.

TNT: How does it feel like to be known as the youngest entrepreneur from Northeast India? Please tell us more about your first ever venture.

HG: It always feels great to be the youngest on the stage and it’s an honor when industry leaders address me as one of the world’s youngest dynamic entrepreneur.

I started off as one of the world’s youngest entrepreneur with “North eastern institute of technology” on April 2013 when I was just 19 years old. NEIT addressed the problem of inadequate computer literacy rate across the remote areas. So it came up with quality computer education at a very cheaper cost and free education for the BPL students as much as we could accommodate back in 2013 as per the availability of our resources. Successfully we have provided computer education to many youth in the remote areas.

I founded my first startup after the death of my elder brother and my mother. I was broken, I was rolling up and down with loneliness, I was frustrated and went under a severe depression but eventually I started accepting whatever life throws at me as a challenge and NEIT was a pretty good reply to it. Before that I went to Malaysia and worked there for a short duration to gain more real life experiences.

TNT: From being a young achiever in 2013 to becoming the founder of the very successful MCH technologies, how has the journey been?

HG: The journey so far has been very challenging in each and every stepping stone. Let me drive you through a glimpse of it right here:

Tears, a lot of sacrifices, insults, sleepless nights, break up, loneliness, very less friends, economic lifestyle, cheated by clients, bankruptcy, sold my two wheeler to pay off salaries, kept mother’s jewelry as mortgage to get small loan with high interest rate, at times sleeping with hunger and lying to my father and many more to count on. So I hope you can now imagine how beautiful the journey has been.

TNT: Please tell us more about MCH technologies.

HG: MCH Technologies was the first international BPO in Assam to work on UK, US, Australia and Canada campaigns. It was founded on  October 2013 with the first UK survey campaign outsourced in Assam.

TNT: Tell us about your other startups?

  • Fairdrop: This is my e-commerce startup with an aim of driving rural India towards the global market by empowering women and youth through generating micro employments in villages and enabling rural entrepreneurs to sell their homemade products globally. It’s working towards developing rural lives economically.
  • GKK (Gaon Ka Khana) : It is a food startup from Assam revolutionizing the taste of Assamese cuisine with a new flavor so that the junk foods do not overshadow the rich ethnicity. It is currently operational in two districts, Sivasagar and Jorhat.
  • SEED (School of entrepreneurship and economic development) :

It is creating the leaders of tomorrow through entrepreneurship for budding entrepreneurs and helping job seekers crack the interviews in reputed MNC’s. As I can’t see any entrepreneurship training institute in Assam apart from IIE so I realized the importance of setting up SEED to boom our economy.

  • Glamstar Media : It is a new startup with a primary goal of contributing towards the development of Assamese film industry and putting the limelight on the aspiring models through award ceremonies, competitions, short assignments and producing videos.

Apart from these I am also executing a very important social initiative which is a zero-hunger campaign or no food waste by introducing it as PEF which stands for Processing of Extra Food. We collect the leftover food from many doorsteps to feed the hundreds of homeless children and poor persons. I am also providing career development training classes to many students without charging any money in the villages.

TNT: Serious talks aside, there is a meme that if you are an engineer and wish to get the attention of girls, all you need is a startup to your credit! How do you view this perspective?

HG: According to me that’s not precise as there are numerous startups out there and it doesn’t mean that every founder is getting the attention of girls. Actually,  many girls get attracted to the qualities of a person and his overall thought process. Even in my case I have noticed that my fb inbox gets flooded with numerous messages after delivering a motivational speech at any institution or in any event and after any specific achievements of mine (Laughs). Mostly they appreciate me for my thinking skills and achievements at such a young age. I feel overjoyed when they extend their gratitude towards me for inspiring them. I think it’s useless to become an entrepreneur without having a pleasing personality and girls give attention to a gentleman no matter what profession he’s in.

TNT: Do you think that through your start ups, you have been able to bridge the huge gap between government jobs and the number of persons aspiring for it?

HG: All my startups and other social welfare activities are giving birth to a new environment across India which is and with the passage of time will bring up a huge constructive change in the prevailing scenario. My message is don’t teach your children only how to get employed, teach them how to generate employments too. And I am confident that yes I am inspiring and motivating many youths to bridge the aforesaid gap.

TNT: How secure do you think a start up is in the long run, given the fact that many youths are now getting inspired to start their own ventures. What do you think it takes to keep it rolling?

HG: A person who can’t feel secured with his startup cannot be a successful entrepreneur because believing in your own ideas and remain determined is the first requirement to embark on the journey. Be it a startup or a well paid job in a big MNC the career security part completely depends upon our work concepts and how confident we are pertaining to the same. Commitment to your dreams is the fuel of this journey.

TNT: Having achieved so much at such a young age, where do you see yourself 5 years from now?

HG: After 5 years I clearly see my name in the list of “world’s under 30 successful and dynamic entrepreneurs” .And enlisted in “Outstanding young persons of the world”.

Like any other person, Hironmoy too has an unspoken story. His success is gradually revealing this aspect yet he still has a very long way to go. He lives by the motto of,  “The world will need you one day”. He believes in spreading love and this is his core religion.

TNT-The Northeast Today congratulates Hironmoy Gogoi on his achievements and wishes that he continues to inspire many others to dream as well as to achieve and to give back to the society as he says “The world will need you one day”.



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